Fittings & Alterations

Here at Bridal Rogue Gallery we have some amazingly talented fitters and seamstresses, they can help to make sure your wedding gown is fitted to perfection.

Customising your dress

At Bridal Rogue Gallery we can offer to do all of your fittings and alterations in house.

We have been designing, making and altering wedding dresses for over 25 years and our staff have years of real world knowledge through working in the fashion and wedding industry.

If you would like to make any changes to the design of your dress our talented fitters and seamstresses can make this a reality. Whether its changing the shape of the neckline, redesigning the back, adding sleeves or buttons we can bespoke your dress so that it is completely personal to you! Whatever you have in mind, we are always open to new ideas and love creating dresses that are individual to each bride.

The number of fitting appointments you will need depends on the type of wedding gown you have ordered and the sort of alterations that are required. Most brides have between two and three fittings before collecting their wedding dress.


Your first fitting

When you arrive in the shop for your first wedding dress fitting you will be greeted and brought through to one of our fitting areas. Any guests you have will be invited to take a seat while you and the fitter go through to the changing room to try on your wedding dress for the first time!

In the fitting area there will be a large mirror for you to look at your dress while the fitter will pin your dress so that it is the correct length and fits perfectly to your body. She will also talk you through some optional alterations such as adding a wrist loop or bustle to make it easier for you to walk around greeting guests or dancing on the wedding day. Your fitter will also be able to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

This fitting can also be a good time to think about how you plan to wear your hair on the day or if you want to try any accessories such as veils or jewellery. At the end of the appointment we will go over any alteration charges and make arrangements for your next visit.

Your final fitting

Your final fitting will start much like your first but this time your dress will have been altered and everything should fit perfectly! This appointment is for us to check on all of the alterations that have been carried out and if necessary make any minor adjustments.

Once everyone is happy that the dress fits exactly as it should, we can go on to have a little practice walk and maybe try any accessories you will be wearing on the day so that everyone can see the full outfit. We will also talk through a few helpful tips for the dress on the day and show you or one of your guests the best way to put the dress on.

At the end of the appointment, if your dress is ready, you can choose to collect it later that day, or we can agree on another suitable date for collection.